Calgary Industrial Market is Strengthening

Aug 6, 2010 by

Recent report by Cushman & Wakefield reports that Calgary Industrial vacancy rates are declining.  They are quoting a 5.7% vacancy rate.  Although the exact vacancy rate varies depending on whose report you read the important factor is the decline.  All of the large brokerage shops who regularly report these statistics are all indicating declines in vacancy rates.   Vacancy is certainly an important indicator and something to watch closely when considering your options to lease.  However, overall vacancy rates can be deceiving as they are generic in form.  They will vary significantly between geographic location and availability sizes.  A metric that is also important when considering your options is literally the # of options in your size requirement.  Overall vacancy may be at 10 or 15 % but there are only 3 options in your size range.  If your space requirement is not unique you will likely be competing with several other companies for these options.  As a result you have very little supply and with low supply and high to moderate demand prices rise.  Its always good to dig a little deeper than depend on an overall vacancy rate as an indicator of whether or not you should renew or move.

See the Cushman Q2 2010 Report

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