Fabrication Shops Flavor of the Day in Calgary Industrial Market

Sep 27, 2010 by

With the recent merger/takeover of Enerflex and Toromont there has been a flurry of activity in the oil and gas fabrication and compressor manufacturing sector.  During the middle of 2009 there were 10 fully equipped buildings suited for this type of manufacturing.  As a result of the merger of the two largest compressor manufacturers into one, a number of the tier 2 manufacturers saw an opportunity to increase their capacity and bulked on space.  Recent companies leasing larger or additonal shops in the Calgary Industrial market include Compass Compression who now has a 39,000 square foot shop by way of a relocation to 5796 40th Street SE.  Sage Energy has just purchased 5 acres in the Wagon Wheel Industrial Park to build a new facility on.  Baxters Welding has relocated their shop to a 18,200 square foot building at 7712 56th Street SE.   Bidell Equipment has leased a 2nd shop at 5475 56th Avenue SEand Cado Industries has purchased land in the Frontier Industrial Park to name a few.

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