Increase in Owner Occupied Buildings for Sale in Calgary Industrial Market

Nov 26, 2010 by

There has been a marked increase in listings of owner occupied buildings for sale in the Calgary Industrial market recently.  We are currently tracking 41 formally listed building for sale or 2.33%.  Whereas at September 30th, 2010 we were tracking 34 listings in this category or 1.89% of the 1797 single use buildings we track.  Not a huge difference but a difference none the less.  Click hereor on the adjacent page to the right to view the detailed list. 

 I will be crunching some numbers on the new average price asking price for the listings but as of September 30th, 2010 it was $115.62. Click here  or on the report to the left for the breakdown by district and building size of those listings we were tracking as of September 30th.   Most of the 7 recently listed buildings have been in the small to medium size range.  The listings this week include the former New Food Classics Buildings at 4211 13A Street SE and 4043  Brandon Street SE which we commented on a few weeks ago along with the Target Products building at 4440 76th Avenue SE.  The former Camtech building at 2707 58th Avenue SE  has also been listed.

Please contact us should you require additional information on these buildings.