Calgary Industrial Property Tax Assessments Mailed to Building Owners

Jan 9, 2011 by

By now you should have received your assessments for your building.  A brief survey of some of our clients indicate potential tax increases as much at 30% over last years tax bill.  We have some advice for those that have just picked themselves up from the floor.  The advice is appeal, appeal, appeal.  We have several clients that own substantial industrial building portfolios and as a matter of course they appeal their assesments annually.  The appeal process is not complicated generally if you hire a professional.  The argument to the appeal is whether your building is accurately valued as at June 30 of the previous year.  The City has attempted to assist you in determining if your building is accurately valued by providing a summary of Non-residental sale transactions.  The challenge will be to determine if the sale is relevant to your building as they only list the roll number, address, price and type of building.  They do not get into the specific nuances of the property which can have a dramatic impact on the value.  See here for information on how Calgary Industrial properties are assessed.  This is where the professionals come in.  We have used the following companies with great success. Colliers International Realy Advisors Inc.   Contact Chris Hartley  and Altus Group  Contact Graham Kerslake.  We can also assist you in determining the value of your building.  Contact us for a market evaluation on your building.

The appeal deadline date appears to be March 7th, 2011.