Calgary Rail Service Company Expanding it’s Horizons to Assist Calgary Fabrication Companies

Jun 20, 2011 by


I had the opportunity to tour a unique facility occupied by Caltrax Inc.this past week and was duly impressed what the company has done with the 125,000 square foot facility located on 13 acres of rail serviced land.  They can house 150 railcars on the site and it is currently used for refurbishing rail cars for various bulk product transportation companies.

Caltrax is taking advantage of the massive sand blasting and paint booth that can accommodate rail car sized items to expand their business to include painting and sandblasting work for other fabrication related companies in the Calgary Industrial area.

With the City of Calgary Bylaw enforcement inspectors out in full force along with the buidling code inspectors enforcing Alberta Safety Council guidelines  to ensure all the users doing painting and sandblasting live by the new design and safety guidelines, many companies who did their painting and blasting in house are finding it too expensive to adhere to the current regulations and are being forced to seek alternative painting  contractors. 

Enter Caltrax… with a 160′ long by 20′ wide by 18′ high fully approved paint booth and a 90′ long by 11′ wide by 18′ high fully automated sand blasting booth.   They have just started getting the word out to the fabrication community and as a result of the influx of work they may bring on another shift to accommodate the extra work.  The attached pictures show some of the work they have completed to date.

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