Managing Risk for Calgary Industrial Real Estate Occupants

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Had opportunity to meet the local people of a very interesting company that are helping Calgary Industrial Real Estate owners and tenants fight the ever present threat from break ins and theft of property. Tommy Sidorkewicz and the gang from Sonitrol – Verified Electronic Security have outlined below some of the key threats facing Calgary Industrial tenants and owners and how they combat the trend.

Managing Property Risk in the Industrial Sector – Verified Electronic Security

Property related crime in the commercial/industrial sector is on the rise. This trend is correlated to a number of factors including, a recessionary economic climate, obsolete/inadequate security measures, non-police response to conventional alarms, the price of scrap steel, copper, other metals, and other regional specific factors. As a result, businesses with, or without, a history of security related events are increasingly becoming targets and experiencing losses. Professional thieves take advantage of delayed Police responses, and employ tactics to defeat conventional security methods – ultimately, increasing the probability of catastrophic loss for businesses in an unavoidable risk category.

Businesses victimized by these types of crimes need to be aware of a new piece of legislation which could soon impact the City of Calgary – Verified Response (VR) Policy. To date, over one hundred and twenty municipalities in Canada (including Vancouver and Winnipeg) and the United States have implemented VR policies to existing law enforcement services.  This policy removes these services from responding to unverified alarm calls, thus ensuring officers are only responding to real break-ins. The rationale supporting this legislation is simple – false alarms are a huge problem for Police services as 98% of all conventional based alarm activations are false. Police Services do not have the resources to handle this volume and mitigate the problem by citing culprits with a minimum $75 fine per violation.

Conventional based alarm systems (motion and glass break sensors) and their 98% false rate have become such a burden that Law Enforcement Services are forced to give these calls the lowest possible priority. Only alarm calls which have been verified as a real break-in will receive a priority Police dispatch. Business owners may use a guard service, or send an employee to the premises to verify conventional based alarm activations. However, the additional time required for a person to get on site, and the resulting delayed Police response, essentially makes an immediate response impossible. The 30-60 minutes (at least) it could take for a person to get on premise to verify a real event from a false one, could also translate to catastrophic loss for a business. Sending an employee on premise to verify an alarm activation also exposes an individual to a potentially harmful environment from an Occupational Health and Safety perspective.

Regardless of any legislation, all businesses need an immediate Police Response in the event of a real break-in or security situation – they simply cannot afford a delayed response from the Police. Verified Electronic Security technologies give these businesses the best possible response from Law Enforcement because of their ability to remotely determine whether a real break-in has taken place, in real time, without sending people into a potentially harmful environment.

Sonitrol Verified Electronic Security is the leader in the Verified category of the Security Industry. Sonitrol employs state of the art Audio Intrusion Technology and Remotely Monitored Video Surveillance to ensure that you receive a prompt Police response. Sonitrol’s average response rate, from the time an intrusion has been detected to the time it takes for Law Enforcement to reach your front door, is 3.5 minutes. Sonitrol also leads the entire security industry in terms of police captures – nabbing over 170,000 crooks red handed since 1977.

If you are looking for more information surrounding the implications of Verified Response (VR) Legislation in Calgary, want to watch or listen to real Police captures, or want more information about Sonitrol Verified Electronic Security, please check out

Article Printed with Permission from Sonitrol Verified Electronic Security.  Check out some of the captures on video including a response that led to the arrest of various individuals who were targetting Calgary tire distribution warehouses.