Why Owning the Real Estate Your Place of Business Occupies is Important In Calgary- Reason # 2 – Control

Apr 19, 2013 by

5360-firestationpub Saw this article in RENX which is a real estate publication and once again remembered why I am so passionate about business owners owning their place of business.  Having interviewed a miriad of  different business owners in Calgary all of whom own their real estate several recurring themes materialized.  # 2 on the list based on frequency of reference was Control.  See the article which outlines a classic example of why owning your place of business allows more control in your business.  This long time operator of the Hose & Hound Pub  is now at the mercy of a new landlord.  The City of Calgary recently listed the property for sale and although the owner has wanted to buy the property for several years, real estate prices in Calgary have forced him out of the market.   Hope it works out for him on his lease renewal.  If you are interested in finding out what the 5 main reasons business owners own the real estate their business occupies email me to obtain a copy of our white paper on the subject.

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