Bridge Capital Developing Tools to Help Users Borrow Money to Buy Calgary Commercial and Industrial Space

Sep 27, 2013 by

bridge cap logo_reflect_gifHad a great meeting this morning with Dylan Gallagher of Bridge Capital.  It was refreshing to hear a business owner who gets the concept of “paying it forward”.  Dylan is blazing a trail around the development of a tool to help the buyers of commercial real estate “prepare” for the purchase of commercial or industrial real estate.  What they have created is a tool that walks a borrower through some of the math and materials that will be needed when approaching a lender for a real estate loan.  Dylan doesn’t call it “prequalifying” he calls it “preparing” as the tool is really designed to have the borrower understand their business’ position financially in relation to what lenders want as wells as prepare them for the documentation that the lender will want to see.  They are not really applying as much as preparing for the process to come.  As a broker of commercial real estate this preparation for the process is brilliant.  It helps immensly as we often get down the path with a prospective purchaser only to find out that their lender is not as willing to lend as originally anticipated, resulting is wasted time and effort for all involved.  With a tool like this all parties can be better prepared for the journey of owning your place of business.