Calgary Real Estate – Great Plains Industrial Park Home to Flood Victims

Oct 2, 2013 by

temphousing_11Have some mixed thoughts on this.  Here is the news article.   Think it is great that the City of Calgary is doing something to help those affected by the devastating floods.  Just not quite sure where the City of Calgary is going with putting this type of use right in the middle of Great Plains Industrial Park.  My issues is this, if you or I as a user or seller of industrial land tried to get this type of use in the current land use bylaw could we do it?  The answer would be a resounding no. It is a drastic change from the current I-G zoning.   Why not?  When you go to the city they will tell you that residential is not permitted in and I-G zoned area.  To me it is about consistency.    The other concern I have is frankly for the occupants of the temporary homes.  Lets not kid ourselves. Industrial parks are noisy and in some instances dirty.  Although the developers in the area including Triovest and Hopewell build very good product, they are building large high bay industrial warehouses which are predominantly occupied by distribtution companies that have a large component of truck trips.  Large trucks, many times a day at any hour of the day and night.  My sense is that there could be some potential for conflict.  Kudos to YYC for stepping up to help but stay tuned for how it works out in the end.