World class manufacturing facility comes back to the Calgary industrial real estate market.

Feb 5, 2014 by

enerflex-2Surefire Industries Ltd.  took on the largest compressor manufacturing facility to date in the Calgary industrial market by purchasing the former Enerflex facility. We were somewhat skeptical about Surefire’s ability to take down as that much real estate. Surefire had been expanding rapidly due to very successful designs and production of oilfield equipment and we believe at the time that they purchased the facility they had upwards of 150,000 square feet  of facilities in various buildings. However, one theory at the time which was subscribed to by a number of similar manufacturing companies is that multiple facilities give you scalability. Essentially the ability to sell or lease one small facility when you needed to downsize or upsize as the case may be.

It appears that the Surefire  due to some major contract cancellations got caught in the squeeze and were  unable to meet their obligations on a go forward basis.  As a result the 280,417 SF building has returned to the market and is being marketed for lease CB Richard Ellis. Click for Brochure Shortly after Surefire had purchased the facility they sold it to a Edmonton based investment firm in order to raise capital. The new landlord of the property York Realty Inc. is looking to take a bit of a creative approach and is looking to possibly split up the property into multiple tenancies. We also understand that Enerflex have leased back office space in the facility at the time of the original sale and understand that that tenancy is still intact. If you have further questions about the facility or would like an update or would like an update on the Calgary Industrial market you can email me

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