The IndustrialYYC is a true commercial real estate team. Operating out of the Coldwell Banker Commercial West Real Estate offices in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, our mandate is to best serve our clients’ needs through providing the highest level of excellence and professionalism.

We believe that by pooling our knowledge and skills we aid our clients in attaining, and even surpassing your objectives. We stand apart from other commercial real estate teams in that our collaboration is absolute; from communication to commissions, every aspect of our operation is collaborative and designed to enhance the efficacy of our cooperative approach.

Navigate: our diverse expertise and knowledge allows us to aptly guide our clients through their process from start to finish and beyond. Whether their real estate needs be acquisition, disposition, recapitalization, contraction, or expansion, our team is poised to provide top-tier full-service agency, providing guidance even after the completion of a transaction.

Educate: with six sets of eyes, ears, and minds scouring the local environment our intelligence gathering is at the apex of the Calgary Industrial Real Estate market. We provide valuable market information and analysis that is current and nuanced.

Advocate: with over 40 years of collective experience in commercial real estate and over 8,000,000 square feet of transactional experience, our team is able to astutely assess our clients’ vantage within the market and establish strategies to maximize negotiating positions and create leverage.

Our success is your success.

We exist to help our clients realize their vision.


D.C. (Sid) Smith, CCIM

Tel. 403 680 1767




With his 25 years of experience in the industry Sid has an extensive knowledge in various facets of the commercial real estate including sales, leasing, ownership and property management. While focused on Industrial real estate Sid is passionate about helping business owners use their real estate to develop the freedom and financial means to explore the great places the world has to offer. A strategic thinker he is able to help his clients navigate through the various options of how to use real estate for the benefit of a business. As a self-proclaimed “statistics and numbers guy” he strongly believes in using current market data to educate users on trends occurring in the market and to assist in making real estate decisions. A fierce competitor and champion of all things great in people he is a strong advocate for his clients.

Mark Bizek

Tel. 403 615 5725




Mark Bizek is a cofounder of the Industrial YYC team at Coldwell Banker Commercial West Real Estate and continues to be a top performer in the group. Mark’s skill set includes a deft ability for lateral thinking which aids his ability to grasp the larger picture while completing detail-oriented tasks. He has been adept at navigating difficult or complex scenarios and problem-solving in a manner that has kept his client’s interests as the ultimate priority. Through his expertise in services such as land-acquisition, development, build-to-suit oversight, and location consulting, he has been able to improve his clients’ overall operations and efficiencies, beneficially impacting the bottom line. Mark also has an in-depth understanding of the particularities of the Calgary market and how it relates to the world at large, especially with relation to energy production.

Philip D. Ma

Tel. 403 589 9838




Philip Ma has been a sales agent for the past 17 years. In that time he has amassed a diverse set of skills and experiences that have allowed him to be able to become a strong representative for his clients in the world of industrial real estate. Starting in cellular sales for AT&T when he was 18, Philip transitioned into sales in life insurance and mutual funds, and later as a sales associate for computer software, learning the ins and outs of the sales process and the nature of a variety of markets before moving into commercial real estate. Phil has learned the industry from the ground-up. With extensive experience in cold-calling, he has become a stellar marketer with a strong work ethic and a keen ability to qualify leads and prospects. Philip insists, however, that the key to sales is genuine connections with your clients. His absolute strength, and what motivates his passion to give his all to his clients, is his care for them and his dedication to seeing them succeed.

Jason Duncan

Tel. 403 471 7690




Jason Duncan began his career in Commercial Real Estate with a focus on leasing and large corporate relocations. His involvement with such undertakings allowed for a great understanding in the requirements of meeting timely deadlines. Utilizing tactics such as Non-Disclosure Agreements to approach developers and landlords without exposing his clients, he has been able to collect the vast amounts of market intelligence required to guide his clients in making the best commitments to achieve greater-than-anticipated outcomes. With an ability to harness past experiences in each interaction on behalf of his clientele, his transition to the Industrial Market has been seamless. Locating real estate and providing opportunities to his clients without going to market, he has achieved a track record that speaks for itself.

Austin Smith

Tel. 403 970 4835




Prior to joining the team Austin spent 4 years playing Major Junior Hockey across Western Canada. While playing hockey Austin learned what it takes to win and be a part of a team while performing under pressure and it is that same passion, dedication and tireless work ethic that Austin brings to the team now. Having previously worked in a small boutique real estate firm Austin Smith has been involved in commercial real estate from a young age. Austin has learned the industry from the ground-up giving him a solid foundation to connect and represent clients. Austin continues to educate himself and grow his skill set to remain a valuable asset to the team and his clientele.